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You know you’re beautiful, and so does everyone else. You’ll take every bit of attention, push them to their limits, and still have them begging for another scrap of the thrills and experiences you provide. You’ve got them wrapped around your little finger, whether they know it or not.

The fires of hell burn hot in your eyes, but that’s not why everyone flushes red when you walk in the room.

Manipulative, ready to please, and seductive as all hell. The Succubus knows how to give people almost what they want, and always have them coming back for more. They play with themes of attention, codependency, and boundaries.

The Succubus is a Skin for Monsterhearts 2e who wants people, luxury, excess. They might come visit their crushes in their dreams, or simply be there whenever someone snaps their fingers and asks. They can play the tease, or act and look exactly as someone wants them to.

The Old Succubus contains the move Any Face You Want, while the most recent one instead has Who Should I Be? to better fit the theming of the skin and remove problematic elements.

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Very interesting. I like how the skin is so focused on other people's desires and then the darkest self is about satisfying their own desires. It has a neat take on the difficulty of balancing pleasing others and pleasing the self, with a built in adolescent difficulty in doing so. 

I also really like the learned experiences & wet dream moves. The "sex in dreams" trope of wet dreams lets things change a little bit to play at a more innocent level despite being a sex-focused character and the ability to gain and use other skins' sex moves creates a very interesting dynamic. Why would you want a witchs' token from someone if you use a witch's sex move for example? It would be interesting to play to find out.