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The moon shines through the window, leaf-dappled light illuminating someone sleeping on the bed. That’s where you come in. They toss and turn, breaking out in a sweat. Their wake with a scream and a shout, and it takes them a long time to get back to sleep.

But when they finally do, you slip out from behind their curtains, taking the nightmare with you. They might never even know you exist during the light of day, but at night you occupy their every thought.

Lonely, terrifying, mysterious, and invasive. The Mare steps into people’s dreams as they sleep, changing how they see the world. They are nightmarish, and nobody wants to be around a nightmare. 

The Mare is a playbook for Monsterhearts 2e who lives a lonely life. They can travel through the dream world, and manipulate perception through people's dreams. With a bit of effort, they might be able to make someone forget they ever existed at all.

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