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You are the rushing river, the murky pond, the flowering swamp; there is an undeniable beauty to you, along with an obvious danger that is just too damn interesting to ignore.

If someone can just tame you, they’ll be safe, and maybe you’ll even be theirs. But you are a wild and fickle creature, so those who think you’re under control had better watch their backs. 

Violent, alluring, and controlled. The Kelpie is the most dangerous person around, unless someone can control them by holding their bridle. The Kelpie exemplifies the idea of a toxic or dangerous person that someone else ‘knows how to handle.’

The Kelpie is a playbook for Monsterhearts 2e who is only 'safe' for a single person at a time. They might show off their True Form to tempt people towards them, or put their arms around whoever holds their bridle to make them Stuck in the Mud. In the worst of situations, they can even lay their hands on someone and Carry Them to the Depth, drowning them then and there.

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