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These are three learning paths created to fill gaps in the character creation of the Quest RPG and expand on the concepts available for characters.

Spellsword allows for the archetype of a magical warrior or duellist, mixing fighting with spellcraft. The entire path is designed for the Wizard role, but could also work well when used by a Magician, Naturalist, or Doctor. The first two abilities in the path are designed to be used by anyone who wishes to hold a weapon, and are suitable for anyone.

Devotion seeks to represent characters who follow a god or patron by giving them direct access to the one they worship. Although it was designed for cultist and warlock-style characters, it can be used without adjustment for priests or animists. It is suitable for characters of any role.

The Ageless Song is an experiment in story-based and world-specific ability paths, providing a god of immortal music to teach characters strange and powerful magics. It is suitable for all roles, but those who appreciate trickery, hospitality, and immortality will benefit from it most.

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Quest is shared under a CC BY 4.0 license. The link to their documentation can be found in the pdfs or found here.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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