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These are three learning paths created to fill gaps in the character creation of the Quest RPG and expand on the concepts available for characters, along with a page of magic items of varying rarity; from the slightly smelly Goblin Whistle to the heavy and chilling Blade of the Barrows.

Berserker represents the archetypal barbarian, although rather than just being a half-naked warrior with an axe and anger issues, the berserker is good for more than just a fight. The path is designed to slot seamlessly into the Fighter role, but could be a good fit for anyone who wants some muscular angry flair in their life.

Disguise is a magical illusionist, allowing characters to disguise their face or produce items from thin air. It is a perfect fit for the Magician role, complimenting their other trickery nicely.

The Raven Touched is a godly acolyte of the Raven Mother, goddess of battlefield orphans and things found on corpses. Those blessed by her can scavenge through the leavings of fights, call on ravens and other corvids to aid them, and craft a cloak of feathers to transform themselves. It is suitable for any role.

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Quest is shared under a CC BY 4.0 license. The link to their documentation can be found in the pdfs or found here.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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