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This guide focuses on determining comfort levels for your Monsterhearts group when it comes to police, as well as providing alternatives and methods for handling lower-comfort groups.

It focuses on three categories: Screen Presence, Behaviour, and Alternatives. This allows you to have an easy lingo to use when discussing how your group will interact with cops in-game. You might need police to have a veil cast over them, and this guide will teach you how to do that.

This is not a guide to roleplaying police or interacting with police. It is entirely focused on providing categories to pick from at different comfort levels, and providing alternatives if your comfort levels are low. There are general guidelines for how police of different Behaviours will act and what kind of trouble different Screen Presences can get you in for committing crimes, but that's it.

This guide to completely free, but please throw a couple dollars my way if you can! If you have any concerns about the content of this guide, especially if you are POC, please reach out to me and I'll listen.


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Thanks for this document. PS: about the second column, "Behaviour", You could add a line about "roll or choose for every important figure that appear in the game", ie. don't choose to give the Police as whole a behaviour (all cops are bastards, all cops are good, all cops are grey), but focus the behaviour on the single figure (Mike is a bastard cop; Avery is a good cop; Samantha is shady; etc.). This could be an alternative that doesn't see "the Police" as a single element in the setting.


This is fantastic!