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This is a game made for the 24XX jam

We found the dark, then we found the planets. It’s the closest thing to magic we’ve got so far. Failed jumps led to another space. A section of space? Another dimension? Hard to tell. But it’s dark there.

Really, really dark.

That's where your job lies. Criminals and the unwanted, jumping into the dark and explore the void planets that sit there, like undead versions of our very own earth.

Go. Survive. See what you can find, out there in the dark

Play as a multitude of characters, including the Void Witch, Cyberghoul, Planetary Spirit, Magister of Harmonious Drinks, and more.

Getting Into Voidspace

You might be here already, but getting in is easy.

1    Pick a spot in the sky that’s dark. Fully dark, no stars, planets, nothing.

2    Measure the distance to the closest solar body in that direction.

3    Activate FTL drive. When you’re halfway there, shut it off.

4    You are now in Voidspace.

Getting In Isn’t The Hard Part


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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This may be a dumb question, but is this how the text is supposed to read? I’m down for the poetically illegible, just checking.

Poetically illegible is the correct term for it haha


Awesome, I'm here for the experimental use of language. 


This looks fun! Heads up, though — both files are currently in spreads! 🙂

Ah, thank you! I'll fix that right away